Navigating the new normal

There has never been another time when the way we do business
has been tested, reshaped and redefined.

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Navigating the new normal

There has never been another time when the way we do business has been tested, reshaped and redefined. The COVID-19 pandemic has had knock-on effects on organizations, workforces, and workplaces. From global disruptions in production and logistics, evolving consumer behavior, new market entrants, to culture shifts, and new demands across sectors, businesses face incredible challenges. And every challenge spawns new and often quirky opportunities.

Organizations need to be agile and adapt to ensure a strong value chain for their employees, customers, stakeholders, and the communities they serve. And to do so, leaders need to renew their strategies – scale their digital capabilities, build resilient talent pools, pivot business models, and accelerate growth.

The new normal is here. Are you ready to adapt and act?

Value Differentiators

  • Growth

    Business growth can be measured in revenue, sales, and profits; decrease in cost of customer acquisitions; or improved cash flow and brand awareness. At 720, we provide subject matter and industry expertise to understand, identify and analyze the key growth areas you can leverage to stay relevant in an omnichannel business landscape, and effectively measure and track metrics to achieve profitable growth.

    Innovation Paradigm | Product | Process | Position

    Monetization Revenue Mapping & Assurance | CLTV | Risk Assessment

    Omnichannel Digital | Web | Mobile |Conventional

  • Capability

    Regulators, policy makers, and investors expect transparency, foresight, and efficient decision making whether the company is rolling out a new product, expanding to a new geography, or acquiring a new business.

    At 720 Transform, we partner to operationalize contemporary business models and strategies, ensuring purpose, environmental concern and sustainability remains the core of the created value.

    Financial Diligence: M&A | Due Diligence | Greenfield

    Empowerment: Enable | Enhance | Engage

    Governance: Purpose | Environment| Sustainability

  • Prudence

    With our commitment to unlock shareholder value and establish trust, we believe effective operating and governance structures must be aligned with the organization’s culture, people, business portfolio, and ambition.

    Regulators, policy makers, and investors expect accountability, active oversight, and efficient decision making whether the company is rolling out a new product, expanding to a new geography, or acquiring a new business. At 720, we operationalize new business models and strategies, ensuring successful shifts to new ways of working.

    Financial Diligence M&A | Due Diligence | Greenfield

    Empowerment Enable | Enhance | Engage

    Governance Conscious Oriented | Participatory | Ethical | Responsive

Our Approach

We unlock shareholder value by transforming the way organizations operate, perform, and grow. Relying on the simple principles, summarized as three Ds – Discover, Design and Deliver, we approach our engagement starting with thorough discovery, providing bespoke solutions, and finally ensuring tangible outcomes that matter.

Whether your priority is to deliver breakthrough value, improve your position for the future, rethink your business and operating models to cope with technological, economic, and social changes, we bring significant industry and functional expertise to our partnership.

Case Studies

  • India’s Largest Test Preparation Platform Priming For 5x Growth

    From a largely offline presence, our client, India’s largest test preparation platform recently embraced educational technology or Edutech. Despite a significant market share in the exam preparation space, the organization was experiencing stagnant growth, high attrition in customer service and sales functions, and poor customer NPS.

    To enable it transformation, 720 findings identified problem statements, ranging from inefficient business processes, unclear delegation of authority, ineffective performance measures across all levels of the organization and weak technology enablement.

    Our recommendations and interventions across organization, service and people  areas are now priming the organization for 5x growth over the next 5 years.


  • Onboarded 1,000 Doctors In 5 Months For Healthtech Company

    Increasingly people seek the flexibility and convenience of accessing licensed healthcare professionals from the comfort of their homes. Telehealth services are linked to several benefits including improved primary care and chronic condition management – a market opportunity for 720 client, an India-based HealthTech Player in the chronic disease reversal space.

    As virtual appointments become the norm, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for better technology and access to qualified professionals has also become the norm.

    In a span of 5 months, 720 onboarded 1,000 qualified doctors, available for consultation across India. Our work covered establishing partnerships with medical associations and leveraging doctor and medical sales’ representative networks.

  • Enabled USD 100 Mil In Revenue Through Digital Fintech

    In the financial services industry, money transfer companies are in the unique position to scale as was the case for a 720 client, an International Money Transfer company.

    With our in-depth industry experience with senior stakeholders within banks, insurance providers, capital markets firms, investment firms and insurance companies, we enabled an effective approach to launch a new line of digital FinTech business for our client.

    We established partnerships to leverage existing customer base and created monetization programs, resulting in USD 100Mn in annualized revenue.

Our Clients

We transform regional and global organizations across five major sectors, providing bespoke solutions with intellectual honesty and ownership for sustained results.